Exhibition "Spacial-Dynamic"



Alberto José Sánchez

Alberto Jose Sanchez was born in 1979 in Caracas, Venezuela. He attended the Metropolitan University of Venezuela where he studied Business and Contemporary Art.

As a young artist, Alberto started experimenting with different techniques and materials. He was particularly interested in kinetic art; he explored this art form extensively. The main source of inspiration for this period was Maestro Carlos Cruz-Diez, whom Alberto would meet and visit at his Art Studio in Paris, France many years later.

In 2007 Alberto began to develop pieces with an optical abstract-geometric character. His pieces are based on bi-dimensional geometric figures, which suggest and generate tri-dimensional formations as a result of the use of contrasting colours and shadows. 

He has exhibited his work in different galleries in the United States, Europe and South America. Additionally, his work has been exhibited in important Art Fairs worldwide. His most outstanding works are the interventions of public spaces through artistic murals and installation, achieving that some of these art pieces become iconic places of their respective City.

In 2017, Alberto received the Second Place Award from the Madi Dallas Museum at the Biennial of Geometric Art.




My investigation aims to create a sensory stimulus that I expect to enter the viewers brain, so they process the information and automatically generate a three-dimensional and dynamic perception with structured static works created in only two dimensions through the fusion of reason and visual logic. Shapes and lines in a plane define the structure of the work, that when combined with the proper application of shadows and colours, create the impression of the third dimension and the unreal space. Virtual shadows become a crucial element of my work, highlighting the subjectivity of the three dimensions. 

However, my main goal is not only to achieve this effect, but also to generate a unique experience in the viewers when they confront my work. This experience occurs at the time that in the viewers' brain is generated dialectic or confronts of arguments of visual perception and physical reality. I want my work to invite viewers to approach, analyse, understand, and question their reasoning. If this turns out to be surprising for the viewers, then it will have meant a special experience beyond a possible and additional aesthetic pleasure.