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Break out artist 2020

9 Leading Advisors, Dealers, and Art-World Insiders Tell Us Which Artists They Think Are Poised to Break Out in 2020

 Vera Molnar


Vera Molnár, now 95 years old, has conquered adversity as a female artist, immigrant, and user of computers in artwork as early as 1968. Her exquisite Constructivist work in both traditional and digital media has been increasingly recognized for its exceptional quality. She will be included in four major institutional shows in 2021, and I am confident that 2020 will start to bring well-deserved mainstream attention to this female pioneer.

Anne Spalter, digital artist and computer art expert



 Vera Molnar - Carré magique à la bande pliée A - Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80 cm, 2019